Company Visits On Tuesday May 31st 2016

The company visits are open for all delegates of the ISMS 2016 program, please do make sure to sign up in advance.

You can sign up for one of the below tours: Departure by bus from conference venue Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam at ± 15:00 Hour, returning to Amsterdam by approximately 23:00 hours. Dinner will be served during the tour.

Tour I: Bommelerwaard

  • CNC Exotic Mushrooms, production Wood substrates and Compost substrates
  • De Hopwaag, production Agaricus white manual harvesting
  • Hooymans Compost, production Agaricus compost Phase 1, 2 and 3

Tour II: Oost Noord-Brabant

  • Global Mushrooms, production Pleurotus
  • Champignonkwekerij Gemert, production Agaricus mechanical harvesting and Upcycling spent mushroom compost
  • Champignonkwekerij ’t Voske, production Portobello mushrooms

Tour III: Noord-Brabant / Limburg

  • Berg Champignons / Netafim, production Agaricus white manual harvesting / watering techniques
  • Museum De Locht, Tourism and P.R. mushrooms
  • Sylvan, production spawn

Tour IV: Limburg

  • CNC Grondstoffen, production Agaricus compost Phase 3
  • Smits Champignons, production Agaricus white mechanical harvesting
  • Euroveen / Vullings, production casing soil / watering techniques